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The taxation in Nepal was brought into implementation to enhance the revenue collection. A small to medium sized or even leaders of a multinational company need to pay tax where VAT, a value added tax to each commodity by a firm during all stages of production and distribution. It is a modern tax system to improve the collection of taxes for efficiency. Nonetheless, VAT in Nepal is a very complex and fast-moving area of taxation. Many business holders are at a potential risk due to this. The business sectors are facing difficulties with VAT obligations because there is no proper knowledge on VAT act in the regulation of Nepal.

Make sure not to pay taxes more than a firm has to. It is important to take full advantage of all sorts of deductions and credits and you can do it with our professional tax planning, compliance and preparation services. We are one of the professional tax consultants in Nepal that provide full-fledged taxation and VAT management advisory. Also, In the auditing process, we provide audit support to your business finance for appropriate financial oversight including income, expenditure, investment to accompany the overall documentation process. Thus, we assure in giving quality services according to your needs.To know more about us, simply visit here:



VAT or Value added tax is the amount added to a product at every point of the supply chain where value is also added to it. Advocates of VAT claim that they raise government revenues without punishing the wealthy by charging them more through an income tax.


The most important purpose of taxation is to raise resources for governments to deliver essential public services. Taxes pay for many of the things that are fundamental to functioning societies around the world, such as health care, schools and social sectors.


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