Company registration process in Nepal

Setting up a business in Nepal is easy to do as long as you have the right resources and the right strategy to implement. The nature of the business i.e. commerce (trade, goods and services distribution) or industry (production or manufacturing) should be determined before starting a business here. Once they are determined, then the prevailing laws of Nepal for business provide multiple alternatives for the smooth operation. Many agencies and consulting companies come in handy while running a business because they provide consulting services to make the businesses last on a long run. As such, Sarathi Consults and business is one of the most influential consulting agencies in Nepal that provides legal business consulting services as well as assists the overall company registration process in Nepal.


We support all sorts of companies starting from local businesses to public and private companies as well. For the company registration process in Nepal, we follow the prevailing laws regarding the company registrar’s office. We assist the business owners to firsthand submit an application in a prescribed legal format as per the company registrar office along with registration fee that is calculated on the basis of nature of business and the capital of the company. However, while the registration process, a company must incorporate the following documents:

              1. Memorandum of Association
              2. Articles of Association
              3. For the public companies, we assist in having a copy of the agreement between the public and incorporation whereas for the private companies, we assist in having a copy of consensus agreement
              4. An approval or license from a competent authority with a certified copy of citizenship certificate along with registration certificate
              5. Lastly, the decision of the Board of Directors, and major documents relating to the incorporation and,
              6. A Permanent Account Number (PAN) registration certificate from the Inland Revenue Department before commencing the business

              Thus, We provide professional help and support when and as required. Our company is open to every type of business holder as we have an expert team that can assist you with the registration procedure to make your business independently work. We handle the documentation process to the office of the company register including legal taxation service, trademark registration, and copyright claim. We help you with legal consultation for profound and appropriate work. Legal consultation, paperworks, company registration, and legal payment procedures fall under our company registration services. Every business needs legal compilation and we assist you in formal and informal communication platforms to accomplish your goals. So, if you want your business to run smoothly and reduce the hurdles on the way then contact us right away. Visit our website here to know more about us:



              Various documents are necessary for different types of company registration in Nepal including Memorandum of Association, copy of citizenship of applicants, article of association, copy of pre-incorporation contract on behalf of public company, consensus agreement on behalf of private company, Approval of related Board of directors, PAN certificate etc.


              Registration of a company is mandatory under the Companies Act, 2013 because all the provisions of the act are applicable to the companies which are registered under this act.


              Sarathi consults and business development company is one of the leading business consulting agencies in Nepal. We are a team of experts who have helped businesses with 360 consultations all over Nepal. We provide quality services and support which includes services like innovative and impactful solutions, strategic plans and operational insights for the startup entrepreneurs, financial projection, accounting, company registration for growing businesses and organizations. We work smart to ensure the best outcome for your business. To know more about us, visit here:

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